Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sayu On The 9th Gen ,Mizuki, Kanon,Riho

Sayu On The 9th Gen ,Mizuki, Kanon,Riho

Sayu is at it again, this time she has blogged about 9th gen members Mizuki, Kanon, Riho .What secrets did Sayu tell about the newest members of Morning Musume.

Through The Mirror..

 Fukuchan, her skin is pure white, it’s like snow
 I haven’t felt her with my hands yet but,
somehow she seems warm

Elementary 6th Grade Combi

The new members
Elementary 6th grade combi
Zukki & Yasshii!
The meat bun that Zukki is holding,
Fukuchan got one as a prize for a game that happened during the event (lol)

Gluttonous Zukki said,
during the event,
and kind Fukuchan,
shared it with everyone

 Thank goodness eh, Zukki!(lol)


  1. Sayu is such a wota, she's their bigest fan i think.

  2. I still didn't choose a 9th gen favorite, but it will be between Mizuki and Erina.


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