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Sayu`s Views On The 9th Generation

Sayu`s Views On The 9th Generation

As I mentioned in the fan event post ,Sayu also talked in her blog about the 9th generation fan event. Here is what Sayu said about each member after the event.

[Note I have removed all the little expression marks Sayu makes in the posts and they are not in the order that Sayu posted them .I just selected the order at random]

Today you know.
For the 9th Gen Members’ Debut Event, Gakisan and Sayumi has the role as chairman like officials
Gakisan’s extremely good at taking control so, Sayumi at that time was just careless doing things(lol)
Today was Morning Musume。’s 9th Gen Members’ First Debut Event
On a day like this, I need to re-introduce the 9th gen members on the blog right.

Titled: Kyakyakya

First off, Sayashi Riho-chan
Ky――ut―――ie――――  [Sayu`s new way of saying cute it seems]

But at today’s event, Riho-chan,
Said that Sayumi is scary ,lol

But after the event,
She told me, “I love you,”

 Just so adorable
Without thinking, I hugged her
At the event, she probably read the atmosphere and said that Sayumi is scary off that...probably,lol.


 Titled: Genius

Genius ,
Suzuki Kanon-chan!!
Here she is!She’s here!Zuki!Zuki!Zukki!Genius!
Everything she does is funny
“I, can’t be anything but an Idol,”

She had said,
Her firm statement is here―Seriously amazing
Moreover, really her adlibs and stuff, are strong in their absurd style,
She can do just about anything for you
In the dressing room, while she was really eating peanuts,
“Instead of a meal, I’m eating peanuts!”
She had said but,
Out of the new members, she was the first to eat her bentou (lol)
So so innocent aren’t you

 This picture is,

Zukki eating a meat bun!
Behind her is Yashiiiiiiiii
 It seems like she has the energy to eat up Yasshii too (lol)
You gotta stop there kay, Zukki!
Sayumi will stop you with all her power (lol)
9th gen members, are great! Amazingly great!

Titled : Pon

Ikuta Erina-chan
Nickname, Eripon!!
At the event all the fans were going,
Calling her that, it really hit the mark!
Well, her names, complete, gone from it though !!

I have to get a serious look at her today.
For a whole 30seconds or so!!!
However, it was during the event (lol)
Embarrassed, I ended up turning away
Anyway, I got to chat!chat!chat! With Eripon.
Our conversations are always, uninterrupted chatpons
Everyone’s character is deep huh
Titled: continuing on, it’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan

Today, while I was in the car coming home with Fukuchan, I got to leisurely chat with her for the first time
She’s such a good girl I’m kind of moved,
But, when someone’s not paying attention sometimes, she spits a bit of poison (lol)
……..Ah! Even though I call it poison, it’s light stuff
It’s different from Sayumi (lol) Relax!!!!!!!(lol)
Well you know. She’s so cute I can’t really say anything about it!
And she’s got this charm to her too,
I want to talk with Fukuchan a lot  I think

 Chatting with Fukuchan leisurely without a care,
But with Suzuki Kanon-chan and
Ikuta Erina-chan,
I talk with them with intensity you know lol
These always-powerful 9th gen members are cute, so it can’t be helped

 During this, Yasshii was in dreamland (-.-)zzZ♪♪♪♪♪

 Her sleeping, that sleeping face… it was so cute it wasn’t normal

[Note -Sayu has been dropping hints that Fuku-chan`s background is different from others .Sometimes calling her princess. This plus some photos of how Fuku-chan  does things ,
such as how she holds her drinks is more formal then others ,has sparked some talk that Fuku-chan comes from a family of wealth .Not that this is a big issue as all the members of H!P come from different family backgrounds ,it`s just something that people are talking about. ]

If there was any generation that could use the old Hello!Morning show or an AKBINGO! type show it`s 9th generation. Sayu`s non stop hints , about these members  ,show that this generation ,is one we  would/will enjoy watching on television .

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  1. sayu loves the new members :D and i love it when sayu writes bout the 9th gen :D
    think she loves kanon xD haha

    9th gen is doing really well :)
    im glad :D
    wish theyd still have tehir own variety show....
    2 bad..


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