Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AKB48 Have Two Members Leave Part One

AKB48 Have Two Members Leave Part One

AKB48 has suffered two member losses as Oku Manami and Kanazawa Yuuki, have decided to leave the group .Oku is leaving to concentrate on being a school student and Kanazawa for undisclosed personal reasons. Both asked to leave the group.

Oku left a long blog message explaining her reasons,

“I know this is abrupt, but I have an announcement for you all.

I, Oku Manami, will be graduating from AKB48.

I joined AKB48 when I was 10 years old without knowing anything and I am still that way

Though I say that, I have continuously done my best.

It has not been only good things, but I have many great memories.

And I’ve made it this far thanks to Akimoto, the staff and most of all because of the fans who have supported me along the


I have been in AKB for 5 years and I have met many people and experienced many things.

I did not realize it until now, but somewhere in my heart I wanted to do something that, I was not able to do.

I really want to experience school life.

I did not like passing the time asking myself, “What do you really want to do?”

Through being in AKB like this, it feels like I’m only doing things half way and I’m really sorry to all the people who

Supported me up until now.

I have thought this over many times and I have even talked with the staff about it many times

I am going to graduate from AKB so that I can go after my new dream, “entering university”.

Over the past 5 years, I have caused a lot of trouble for people and I have caused people to worry…

But, everyone has still supported me many times after that.

I do not know how to say this but I really am completely grateful to you all.

Thank you so much.

The April handshake event will be the last time I can meet you all.

When the graduation details have been decided, I will let you all know.

Well, there isn’t much time left before I graduate, but until then, please look after me.”

Kanazawa`s message will be in a related post


  1. i'm so sad that she's leaving. i just started getting to know her and now she's leaving. I hope that she succeds with her studies.


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