Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bijo Gaku To End? New Show In April

Bijo Gaku To End? New Show In April

Bijo Gaku is coming to an end at least in name format however fear not Hello! Project fans as a new H!P show is coming .  The new show will be called “Haropuro. Fan no Katagata ni Kakusan Kibou” and will air on Saturday mornings starting in April [0930  /9:30 am].  However if you watch Japanese television through some kind of online programs [download sites not included] ,you may have trouble viewing this new show in real-time as it will air on BS Japan a satellite station . If you are not familiar with BS Japan, it is TV Tokyo's satellite broadcasting channel. 

Airing on satellite is actually not a bad thing as a number of idol groups air shows this way and it allows the broadcasters to expand the time slot with little disruption to it`s programs .Something that could not happen on the regular TV Tokyo network.

For H!P currently the show is seen in the Kanto area(Tokyo,Chiba,Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures)  by moving to BS Japan H!P programming will now be seen nationwide .
The new shows title translates to mean, “To spread more Hello Project to the fans”, so there is a chance that a new and hopefully more exciting concept will come.

What if anything comes from this change is yet to be determined ,however all the pieces are in place to do a more entertaining show to a wider viewing audience .

Will we see a new more exciting show ? on the other hand, will this be Bijo Gaku version 2 ?

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