Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Idol Spotlight" : HY4_4YH

New Feature

I have been wanting to feature some of the Indie Idols or groups ,that you may not have a chance to see overseas ,simply due to the economics and focus of their agencies ,yet are really entertaining to watch perform.

To make this happen, I decided to create a catch all topic, called "Idol Spotlight".

Every group would love to be the biggest or most popular group in the world, however there is something to be said about being an Indie.

Indie Idols are a very special sub grouping in the Idol genre .Much like Visual Kei is to the rock genre. Indie Idols have a different relationship, with their fan base, which is 100% wotas, which allow them to be much more fan friendly with their fans. Several groups, who have no agency support at all or are soloists from a maid cafe, may have wotas who design and run their web sites for free.

Because many Indie Idols come from Akihabara, they are "Otaku" and "Wotas" themselves and find the comfort and freedom in the Indies, that they may not enjoy in a major agency.

Being an independent by the way, does not mean having little to no fans or money, for some that is true, for others they sell just as much if not more then a Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou release.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being both an independent artist and a major artist.

Advantage is what "Idol Spotlight" is all about.

What "Idol Spotlight" will do is briefly shine a light on a few groups, who may or may not in the years to come be facing off with the major groups in this industry. Groups that you may never come across without some extra support.

First up is a group called HY4_4YH

HY4_4YH is a fun group, that made their debut in 2006 .Currently the lineup features the following members, Yukarin [22], Yumiko [21] and Sadachi [24].

They put on a hyper live performance complete with a live band when possible , much like H!P`s Buono and have a enjoyable fan base that you want to have your groups perform in front of them as special guests for HY4_4YH .

HY4_4YH are not the strongest singers, there are very few Takahashi Ai`s in Indies or in Idol genre to start with. The Aichan`s of the genre are the rare idols.

Their overall show and fan interaction makes up for any weakness they may have. HY4_4YH is really a fun group not only to have groups work with, but just to enjoy a night at their lives.

If you are a fan of, free spirit idols, you just may also find HY4_4YH to your liking.

Current 3 member lineup

Ah!!!! Almost forgot their HP

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