Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Edit: High Quality version now up.

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Here is tonight’s 9th gen segment; Zukki’s continues to work get her dance right? How will the fans take the 9th gen?Fuku-chan shows why every new generation needs a Egg member, Risa and Sayu the future leaders lead the 9th gen to their first fan event.

Find out now what happens


  1. yay yay yay more 9th gen !!! :D
    kanon is working hard :D
    shes sure the moodmaker

    fukuchan helping kanon was <3
    liking fukuchan more and mroe...

    lol xD somehow
    eripon with the ball... was mindblowing.....
    it really was,,,, xD
    i feel stupid now lol xD
    ai with the jumprope was awesome

  2. Fuku-chan and Ai made jumprope look fun and easy! Eripon can do magic tricks thats awsome! and of course Zukki and her positive attitude.. but didn't get to see much of riho. It looks like they are getting closer now really expecting at least a 8/10 single. :)

  3. @ Road and Twin ,I just added the better quality version

  4. hey gaki btw.. not bout this..
    maybe u can make a post bout it... idk if u post bout C-ute.. but look

    its maimi's movie black angels trailer xD hahaha

  5. @ Road with so much going on for me, it`s very easy for me to miss a news worthy item .I will look into this, thanks for the tip/reminder.

    About C-ute ,yeah we are trying to cover everybody possible . Sometimes it takes a bit of catch up work on our end.

  6. sorry gaki,... wish i could help more on keeping track of stuff.

  7. Ryo, your life is as about upside down as mine now as well, lol. With me trying to get ready to enter the recording studio, I loose track of news sometimes, no worries we have good site supporters here, that will help you catch up.


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