Friday, February 11, 2011

SDN48 To Loose Ito Kana

SDN48 To Loose Ito Kana

SDN48 member Ito Kana has announced that she is going to graduate due to poor health. Ito who has been resting at home with influenza, made the following announcement, through their official blog.

“I’ve decided to withdraw from SDN48.  I deeply reflected upon my decision, and I cannot keep causing trouble to everybody because of my health condition.  I will make a fresh start, and focus on my health, as well as other things I need to do.  I hope to have some time off until the day I would be able to see you again. I have met many people, and learned irreplaceable things through SDN48.  The time I spent time with my precious members, staffs, and you fans, is my treasure.  To all the people who have been supporting SDN48, thank you very much!”

The move is expected to be immediately, Let us all hope that Kana will someday take the stage again for a new chapter in her life.

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