Thursday, February 24, 2011

SKE48: Ships 300,000 Copies of Banzai Venus To Stores

SKE48: Ships 300,000 Copies of Banzai Venus To Stores

SKE48 has shipped 300,000 copies of their new single "Banzai Venus" to stores .Should With advance shipments of 300,000 "Banzai Venus" looks set to be their breakout single. Are we now seeing SKE48 starting to rise up to be a challenge to their big sisters AKB48?

"Banzai Venus" hits the stores on March 9 and will come in ‘Regular Edition A’ (CD+DVD), ‘Regular Edition B’ (CD+DVD), and an exclusive ‘CD-only theater version’ that can only be purchased at one of SKE48’s theater performances.

The coupling track is “Ai no Kazu” (by ‘Team KII‘).
Type A-will contain “Sotsugyoushiki no Wasuremono”, while ‘Regular Edition B’ will include “Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai”. Both Regular Editions will include a ticket to a handshake event, and a random trading card featuring one of the members.

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  1. Awesome news for AKB!
    I'd love to see AKB and SKE up at the charts together again! SKE did a great job at staying level with AKB in 1! 2! 3! 41 yoroshiku!


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