Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note For Readers

Note For Readers

I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on things that you would like Ryo and myself to cover in PIH [Version 2, we are going to remodel the site].

It has been helpful to us in moving forward. For sometime, I have wanted to expand this site to cover idols, non-idols, both male and female and as I mentioned in an earlier comment Ryo and I normally are around rock bands mainstream, VK in our private lives, and I often wanted to include that on the site.

Know knowing that you the readers want to know about a number of artists have given Ryo and myself a better idea of the direction that PIH V2 will go.

Ryo even suggested that we should cover our own music careers on PIH, to that I said surely they would not want to know that stuff.,lol

We can`t promise that we will cover everyone  as our own lives will just  not allow the time involved ,we will however do our best to make PIH a site that you will think of first  ,when looking for the Japanese and Asian music news for the day.

Speaking of Ryo, he has entered the hospital  again to have more treatment on his back injury .His stay should be very short.

One last item before I  forget ,if your a related topic blogger that has our site in your blog links , let us know ,so we can add your blog to ours and show the same support back that you have given us.

Thank you, everyone for your interest in this site and helping it grow each month and for the daily comments.

Please watch over us kindly

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