Monday, February 14, 2011

Idoling!!! Visit Taiwan

Idoling!!! Visit Taiwan

Idoling!!! Made their first overseas trip to Taiwan this week in support of their album “SUNRISE”. “SUNRISE” was released in Japan last March and is now being released in Taiwan.  1,000 fans gathered to watch the group perform six songs and member MC`s.

Leader Endo Mai addressed the crowd to tell them of the group's goals for Taiwan, by announcing “I hope you will get to know Idoling!! Much better today!”

Member Kikuchi Ami expressed her excitement over the event by saying “I was really impressed that our Taiwanese fans memorized and shouted all of our names.”


  1. Ahh~ so they were promoting~~

    Taiwan fans are amazing that way. It even surprises me sometimes, and I'm Taiwanese! Haha.

    Through forums I'm either part of or have visited, fans are always hoping for their fav. idol group in Japan to visit Taiwan. It's the same with Korean groups as well. So when these groups do happen to visit, they're all for welcoming them at the airport, or showing their support in some way or another. :) Some fans have waited a long time for this day to happen I bet.

  2. I love you Idoling!!! I wish you could come to the US!!


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