Sunday, February 27, 2011

BEAST PV Event "SHOCK" Halted

Kpop sensation BEAST arrived in Tokyo on the 26th for a special PV event to promote their Japan debut single "SHOCK". The event was to take place in the streets in 5 major cities including Tokyo and Osaka, but due to the overwhelming rush of fans at the scene, the event was abruptly halted. The police stopped the screening about 1 hour before the actual event, much to the dismay of over 3000 fans who have arrived at the screening in Shibuya, Tokyo.
The single was due to launch on the 16th next month.
A "SHOCK"-ing turn of events indeed.


  1. "A "SHOCK"-ing turn of events indeed."

    You didn't just make a pun, did you?! xD

  2. sorry, i just couldn't resist. (^o^)/~~

  3. Hahahah! Nice pun there!

    I took an interest in BEAST after their SHOCK MV. Otherwise, I wasn't that interested in them except for that one guy (Hyung Seung?) who auditioned for BIG BANG... but didn't get in...=\

    He's a lot better off now, so I'm happy for him :)) He's also still in contact with the BB members, so it's nice to see that nothing has changed since then for the guys.

    Guess the Korean wave is still going strong...


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