Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 1 & 2

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 1

As Sayumi seems determined to give the fan base non-stop coverage of the 9th generation, I have decided to create a new feature called Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles.

9th Gen Chronicles is simply Sayu`s blog translations on the 9th generation as Sayu talks about the 9th gen new chapters will be added.

9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 1

~ Hair~

The first shot…

“Hey~Mizuki-chan, Mizuki-chan. Touch my hair,”
Zukki said (lol)
Confused Fukuchan (lol)
The second shot…

 Yasshii tries it too,
Feeling Zukki’s hair for her.
Zukki: “I, have a-lot of hair huh~Check it out~”
Yasshii: “No way, rather than say a-lot, it’s a good amount.”

Saying that with your cute voice, cracked me up~~lol

Chapter 2
~After The Event~
The event totally over,
in the dressing room,
were Gakisan and Sayumi…
9th gen members Fukuchan, Zukki, and Yasshii

The 9th gen members were funny so, Gaki and I were roaring with laughter & I took all kinds of pictures~

The first shot...........Fukuchan.

Mask man?
Her face when she smiles is cute~
Somehow, that stance is good too!

The second shot.........Yasshii!

She too has a cute face when she’s smiling~
She’s relaxed huh?
Looking in her direction you just end up smiling~~~

The third shot.............Zukki!


You, were moving around the dressing room so much Just how much do you want to frolic(lol)

Fun, Fun, Fun~

Chapters 3,4,

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  1. Sayu is definitely a big fan of the 9th gen~ XDDD

    She's a good senpai for them, and it's a great way for us to know more about the girls too. :)

    Kanon definitely seems like the Energizer bunny, hahahah XDD

    Mizuki and Riho are full of cute too, keke.


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